Inclusive Design

Post Ideas: How can you adjust your planned learning activities to meet the needs of your learners if an unexpected event occurs? (for example, a pandemic arises and many of your employees must now work from home – how will you ensure that they can still do their jobs? What training will they need, and how will you deliver it, knowing they must remain at home?) This is a common discussion thread right now as many schools and universities have made the switch to teaching online.

I think there are four main steps in online learning: teaching, answering questions, submitting learning outcomes, and scoring. I prefer to use video conference software to teach, such as ZOOM or DISCORD. Video conference software is very convenient for learners because they can use it over any device. Real-time communication is important, Learners can ask questions and get answers at any time, communicate with each other, discuss the content of the study and make the class atmosphere. It is also essential to provide learning materials that learners can read at any time, like the function of recording screen and PowerPoint, the learner can review the material at any time.
Setting up study groups is a good way to answering questions, most learners may prefer to discuss learning content with their classmates, group members can encourage each other to create a better learning atmosphere. Of course, learners can also send emails to directly ask questions.
I prefer to let learners answer short-answer questions to show the learning outcome. Because every learner has a different view on different things and short-answer questions can allow learners to think more deeply about the content of learning. Setting a deadline will also help with learning or work efficiency. People will be more efficient in a limited time. If there is no deadline, many learners will delay the learning task. But there are many uncertain factors in online teaching, so I think the deadline is just a reminder for learners. If the learner can arrange the study time reasonably, it will be of great help to the study.
Scoring is also a very important step that can provide a result and give feedback for the learner’s entire learning process. Feedback is very important for learners. First of all, it is necessary to point out where the learner has achieved good learning results, then tell learners what needs to be improved, make learners more motivated and confident to complete future learning tasks.

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