Learning, Motivation, and Theory

How would the learning be designed differently by a behaviorist, a cognitivist, and a constructivist? Scenario: A high school social study teacher is planning a class on climate change. A behaviorist:1.Students need to preview, ready to do the study of climate change. If students are not prepared before class, then the understanding of concepts will […]

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Community Contribution 4

Hi, Chloe! I really like your video in Interaction and Perimeter. Children usually think that concepts or definitions are very boring, but if we can turn boring knowledge into interesting songs, I believe that every learner can quickly remember and increase their interest in learning.

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Community Contributions 3

Hi, Cynthia! I agree with your views in Learning design II. In the process of studying, communication with classmates is very important. I also often ask classmates questions and can get good answers and in this learning process, you can get more friends.

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Community Contributions 2

After reading Cynthia’s Inclusive Design, I think Cynthia said in the article to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees is very important. In remote work, employees cannot communicate and supervise each other as in the office, and they may not have a good working environment, making it more difficult to complete work tasks. Therefore, the enthusiasm […]

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Community Contributions 1

I agree with Yixi’s views in Learning, Theory, and Motivation. In the process of my own study, I will feel very boring and want to end the study when I come into contact with the boring introduction concept for a long time. So I think how to make learning motivated is very important.

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Peer Review

Thank you, Danny, Joseph, and Issac for sharing your interactive learning resource. You designed the interactive learning resource very well. Covid-19 is a virus that cannot be ignored in our lives and has brought tremendous changes to our lives. I think this is a very attractive topic. I think choosing to help color-blind learners is a […]

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The theme of our learning pod selection is affordable housing, I am going to play this video for the learners to watch at the beginning of the study. This video introduces the basics of affordable housing with a simple animation.The interactive method provided by this video is ‘reflective’, without any overt actions. What kind of interaction […]

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[PROMPT] Learning Design II

Behaviorism is a theory of learning which states behaviors are learned through interaction with the environment through a process called conditioning. This approach to learning is based on the idea that learners respond to stimuli in their environment so that the learner responds to and gains the required knowledge or experience(Mcleod, 2020). In 1927, Ivan […]

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Inclusive Design

Post Ideas: How can you adjust your planned learning activities to meet the needs of your learners if an unexpected event occurs? (for example, a pandemic arises and many of your employees must now work from home – how will you ensure that they can still do their jobs? What training will they need, and […]

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Hello, everyone, My name is Jiayu Sheng, I’m a 4th year economic student at UVIC. I come from Beijing, China. I often read novels, play computer games, and play with my cat in my spare time. My cat’s name is Poppy. it’s a cute long-haired cat, but it’s a bit fat, and I’m helping it […]

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